The Mission of the Pittsburgh Land Bank is to return unproductive Real Property to beneficial reuse, through an equitable, transparent, and public process, revitalize neighborhoods to strengthen the City’s tax base and support socially and economically diverse communities._

The 2018 Strategic Plan has been released and adopted by the Pittsburgh Land Bank. It outlines the pilot year activities that the PLB will undertake to test out the acquisition, management, maintenance, and disposition policies and standard operating procedures over the next 12 months. Please take a moment to review it here and send us your thoughts.

This is an exciting time for the City of Pittsburgh and for our communities to enable the Land Bank as a tool to return distressed property back to productive use through equitable, transparent, and public processes. Doing so will revitalize neighborhoods, strengthen the City of Pittsburgh’s tax base, and support socially and economically diverse communities.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the public process for the Pittsburgh Land Bank [PLB]'s inaugural Policies and Procedures - one of three cornerstone documents necessary to the operationalization of the PLB. On December 28th, 2017, the Pittsburgh City -Council adopted the inaugural Policies & Procedures, via resolution 2017-2018. The Public Engagement Process Findings Report summarizes the community process and the recommendations made to the PLB by residents and stakeholders. Comments and feedback received during the public process were incorporated into the final document.

The Policies and Procedures will guide how the Land Bank operates day-to-day – what it prioritizes, how it makes its decisions, and how an individual interacts with the Land Bank. The entirety of the final Policies and Procedures is available to read as a downloadable PDF. You’ll also find links to other resources on this website, including the relevant state and local laws which enabled the creation of the PLB and got us started on this path.

A very special Thank You to the Lucas County Land Bank for sharing their 3rd edition Policies and Procedures with us to use as a baseline from which to build our own draft.

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