About Vacant Lots and Side Yards

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32. Are there additional considerations when the PLB sells vacant land? [Section 5.06 B]
The PLB may sell vacant land for “immediate development” if there is an opportunity to develop the land for a residential, commercial, or industrial use within 15 months of the sale. They may convey the land for immediate development even if there are property owners nearby who have expressed an interest in acquiring the land so long as PLB has followed the notice procedures set forth in Section 6.04.

33. How does the PLB determine what is a side yard? [Section 5.07]
The PLB will ensure that the parcel cannot be otherwise developed. The factors used to evaluate the development potential include: overall parcel size and dimensions, topography, undermining, market strength (MVA category), parcel categorization, zoning designation, and stormwater impacts.

34. Are there additional requirements for side yard applicants? [Section 5.07]
Yes. In addition to following its Qualified End User vetting process, the PLB will verify that the prospective buyer is an owner-occupant of the house immediately adjacent to the requested parcel (side yard). There is an exception to the need to be tax current, so long as the end user has entered into a tax payment plan and is in good standing.

35. What are the requirements for the purchase and sales agreement for a side yard? [Section 5.07]
The side yard must be combined with the property next to it through a formal lot consolidation process, and there must be clear title for the contiguous property. The applicant must describe the intended use of the side yard. If two or more Qualified End Users have applied for the same Side Yard, the PLB will divide the Side Yard among the various parties at the PLB’s discretion.

36. What is the price for a side yard? [Section 5.07 B]
The PLB may offer up to two (2) contiguous side yard parcels for a total price of $400, as long as the two lots when combined are still small enough to be a side yard (eg, incapable of freestanding development). The $400 does not include other costs that may be incurred through the sale (eg, lot consolidation or subdivision). If you want more vacant land than those two contiguous side yard parcels, they will be priced separately. (For more information, refer to Section 6.02F and Section 6.06B.)