Article I. Mission and Role as a Public Entity

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Section 1.01 Mission Statement

The mission of the Pittsburgh Land Bank (the “PLB” or the “Land Bank”) is to return unproductive real property to beneficial reuse, through an equitable, transparent, and public process, revitalize neighborhoods to strengthen the City of Pittsburgh’s tax base, and support socially and economically diverse communities.

Section 1.02 Role as a Public Agency and Equity Agent

  1. The PLB is a public body authorized by the Pennsylvania Land Bank Act (68 Pa.C.S.A §2101 et seq) (the “Act”), and created by Pittsburgh Ordinance 2014-25 (the “Ordinance”), and incorporated per certificate issued by Pennsylvania Department of State on May 2, 2014. It is governed by a Board of Directors appointed in accordance with the Ordinance.
  2. The Act and the Ordinance encourage or require the PLB to be an agent for equitable land recycling and management by way of:
    • PLB governance that includes representation of those areas identified by regular audits to be the most impacted by distressed and vacant parcels;
    • Consistency with land use plans and planning provisions;
    • Direct outreach to owner occupants and occupants with equity interest in real property within a policy preference to support homeownership and keeping owner occupants in their homes;
    • Accessible information about PLB properties and policies;
    • Procurement that includes local sourcing, prevailing wage & minority outreach (as related to federal funding); and
    • Inclusive housing.

Section 1.03 Organizational Context and Coordination

  1. The PLB is one of several local government entities and City Agencies involved in the overall land recycling and management system. As such, the PLB has a distinct role within this system. The PLB will work within its role within the systems and coordinate with the other relevant agencies to ensure alignment and efficiency.
  2. The PLB is a steward of property for the City. The public has the expectation that the City is the arbiter of land use and management by way of various authority and departmental functions like code enforcement, planning, and zoning and more generally, blight elimination and economic development. The PLB will partner with the City and the URA in citywide revitalization efforts. The PLB’s specific role will be to aid in the recycling and repurposing of land suitable for single family infill development, the stabilization of standing structures, and vacant land suitable for community needs. The City has an ongoing role providing for basic needs, citywide public infrastructure, and services and amenities, such as parks, for all City residents that may from time to time require land. Land assembly for purposes of multi-unit residential, commercial, and large-scale redevelopment in geographically concentrated areas is the role of the URA.
  3. The PLB shall enter into a three-party Cooperation Agreement with the City and URA per 124.12A(d) of the Ordinance setting forth the rights and obligations of each party in their ongoing interaction and as such neither the City nor the URA are an applicant, prospective end user, Interested Party or purchaser where ever these terms are used in the Ordinance and in these Policies and Procedures.