Article II. Authority

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Section 2.01 Governing Documents

PLB’s core governing documents are the Act, the Ordinance, PLB Bylaws as adopted on October 8, 2015, these Policies and Procedures, as amended, and any forthcoming ICAs and Cooperation Agreements.

Section 2.02 Delegated Authority

  1. Unless otherwise provided in these Policies & Procedures, the Board of Directors of the PLB delegates to the PLB Executive Committee or its Staff, the authority:
    • To acquire and dispose of property on behalf of the PLB;
    • To contract with third parties on behalf of the PLB;
    • To determine the fair market value of a property owned by the PLB;
    • To determine the potential for renovation of a structure; and
    • To expend PLB funds consistent with its approved annual budget.
  2. The authority provided in this Article may only be exercised consistent with these Policies and Procedures. The action of a PLB staff member inconsistent with these Policies and Procedures will have no effect unless ratified by the Board of Directors of the PLB.
  3. Exceptions to these Policies and Procedures may be approved by the Board of Directors after a complete presentation by the PLB staff.
  4. The PLB may enter into Cooperation Agreements with City Agencies that may provide them exempt status from certain requirements of these Policies and Procedures.