Article X. Maintenance

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Section 10.01 Maintenance Generally

  1. The PLB will follow all local codes and statutes regarding maintenance of its portfolio of property, and may set additional standards as may change from time to time.
  2. The PLB will endeavor to maintain property in a way that reduces or eliminates nuisance conditions, maintains or increases the property values of adjacent and nearby properties, and ensures the future marketability of the property.
  3. Maintenance of its entire portfolio of properties is an obligation of the PLB and may include different types of activities on vacant land and on structures, and must be budgeted year by year, accordingly.
  4. The PLB will utilize public sector and qualified contractors for all maintenance necessary on a property owned by the PLB, including locally sourcing its maintenance work to the greatest extent possible, per the Ordinance
  5. The PLB will partner with the URA on its LandCare program for enhanced standards and guidelines, to ensure consistency and maximum local economic stimulus.

Section 10.02 Maintenance Standards

  1. Depending on the final disposition of the property, the PLB may require newly acquired properties to be:

    • Initially cleaned and cleared out;
    • Boarded up and otherwise secured;
    • Winterized;
    • Re-keyed or otherwise made accessible; and
    • Regularly mowed and cleared.

  2. The PLB will use public sector and qualified contractors to maintain a property based on the following standards:

    • Mowing the property regularly as needed, to a length of four (4) to six (6) inches at each mowing;
    • Trimming any additional vegetation on a vacant unimproved property or on the frontage of improved property regularly as needed;
    • Keeping the property free of litter and debris;
    • Removing dead or dying trees as necessary and resources permit;
    • Boarding or otherwise securing any open entry points on vacant structures that the PLB owns, as necessary and as resources permit.

Section 10.03 Leasing and Licensing Program

  1. Residents, businesses, neighbors, block watches, or other organizations interested in maintaining vacant land owned by the PLB may apply to lease or license this land.
  2. Prospective applicants must meet the same considerations as other PLB end users for vacant land, but will not be required to own adjacent property.
  3. A license to enter, maintain, and enjoy the vacant land may be granted to an eligible end user at no cost. The PLB may elect to participate it the City’s Adopt-A-Lot program.