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The final Pittsburgh Land Bank Policies and Procedures are available to read as a downloadable PDF↓.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the public process for the Pittsburgh Land Bank [PLB]'s inaugural Policies and Procedures - one of three cornerstone documents necessary to the operationalization of the PLB. On December 28th, 2017, the Pittsburgh City -Council adopted the inaugural Policies & Procedures, via resolution 2017-2018. The Public Engagement Process Findings Report summarizes the community process and the recommendations made to the PLB by residents and stakeholders. Comments and feedback received during the public process were incorporated into the final document.

The Policies and Procedures will guide how the Land Bank operates day-to-day – what it prioritizes, how it makes its decisions, and how an individual interacts with the Land Bank. The entirety of the final Policies and Procedures is available to read as a downloadable PDF. You’ll also find links to other resources on this website, including the relevant state and local laws which enabled the creation of the PLB and got us started on this path.

A very special Thank You to the Lucas County Land Bank for sharing their 3rd edition Policies and Procedures with us to use as a baseline from which to build our own draft.

These Policies and Procedures were developed with significant input from the Center for Community Progress. Feedback from Pittsburgh residents received at a series of public meetings held in early 2017 was also incorporated into the Policies and Procedures. Special thanks to the Lucas County Land Bank for lending us their 3rd edition Policies & Procedures to use as a baseline from which to draw best practices.

A more concise breakdown of the major topic areas of the Policies & Procedures can be found here:

The Process

In the Spring of 2017, the PLB Board of Directors, working with a team of consultants, hosted five citywide public input meetings spread throughout the general areas of the City – North, South, East, West, and Central. Each meeting was open to anyone who wished to attend, and the meeting dates and locations were advertised on this website and in various other publications and media as soon as they were scheduled.

At the conclusion of all five citywide meetings, the PLB Board collected all of the input received – from the meetings, via this website, and at its monthly board meetings – and made changes to the draft Policies and Procedures accordingly. Read a summary of the community process in the Public Engagement Process Findings Report.

The PLB Board adopted the inaugural Policies & Procedures at its July 2017 Board meeting. Pittsburgh City Council adopted the inaugural Policies & Procedures at its December 28th, 2017 meeting, via resolution 2017-2018.