About Blight Elimination: Demolition and Preservation

44. How will the PLB determine if a property should be demolished?
The PLB will review the condition assessment, and will consider the costs of renovation, fair market value, possible nuisance or public safety issues, as well as the input of neighbors, preservationists, and community stakeholders before making a final demolition decision.

45. How can I work with the PLB on demolition contracts?
The PLB will partner with the public and private sector on demolition contracts. When possible, the PLB will work with local organizations to identify properties for demolition and will salvage materials as possible. The PLB will use a Request for Qualifications process to keep a list of eligible demolition and salvage contractors for its work.

46. Are there specific requirements for PLB demolition?
Yes. In addition to following all applicable local codes and statutes, the Policies and Procedures detail additional specifications on how the site is to be treated during and after demolition, how the work is expected to be performed, and how the site is expected to be left. Please refer to Section 7.03 for specific details.

47. Can I salvage materials from a PLB demolition site?
Yes, an organization with experience in salvage may contact the PLB at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled demolition (which will be posted on the PLB website) and request salvage rights, but the PLB may deny a salvage rights request based on health and safety concerns.

48. Can the PLB demolish a historic property?
Yes, but only after exhausting all other options to market the property for historic rehab or preservation and making attempts prevent further deterioration. To the extent required by law, the PLB will obtain approval prior to demolishing a property that is in a federal or local historic district or is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

49. How does the PLB handle the demolition of commercial property?
The PLB must receive approval from the Board of Directors prior to demolition in order to spend funds on demolishing a commercial property; and it must meet a strict set of criteria.