About Inventory Management and Maintenance

50. How can I see what the PLB owns?
The PLB will utilize an electronic property inventory database and management system. Its entire inventory will be available to be viewed by the public both electronically and in paper form at all times.

51. How do I work with the PLB.
All contractors who wish to work with the PLB will be required to re-qualify for their particular area of work through the PLB's RFQ and contractor qualifications processes. Only pre-qualified contractors will be eligible to be awarded contracts with the PLB.

52. How will the PLB ensure that their properties don’t fall into disrepair?)
The PLB will maintain all of its property in a way that meets all local codes, and also strives to reduce nuisance conditions, and maintain or increase the value of properties nearby. Newly- acquired structures must be boarded up and otherwise secured in a timely manner; winterized; re-keyed or otherwise made accessible; and vacant land must be regularly mowed and cleared. The PLB is mandated to prioritize the maintenance of its inventory of properties over portfolio expansion with its budgeted resources. If it does not have the resources to pay for the maintenance of what it currently owns, it will not be able acquire new properties.

53. What is the leasing and licensing program?
Persons may maintain vacant land that the PLB owns by applying for a temporary lease, or longer-term license. If approved, they can enjoy the property at no cost.