New Construction of 3 Affordable Homes (Parcel No. 50-H-36, 37, and 38) | Garfield


(PARCEL NO. 50-H-36, 50-H-37, and 50-H-38) 

  • Address: 5352 Hillcrest Street (Parcel No. 50-H-36)
  • Address: 5354 Hillcrest Street (Parcel No. 50-H-37)
  • Address: 5356 Hillcrest Street (Parcel No. 50-H-38)
  • Applicant: The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (“BGC”)
  • End Use: Development of three (3) affordable homes with potential for a rear accessible dwelling unit. 

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation plans to develop these three vacant lots into affordable homeownership opportunities. The site’s gently sloping topography may also allow for a ground-floor apartment that is wheelchair-accessible. The Pittsburgh Land Bank’s Board approved the sale of these properties on Friday, January 12th at the monthly public meeting

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After a property is approved for sale by The Pittsburgh Land Bank Board, there is a 20-day objection period. If the Land Bank receives 15 or more objections, the Land Bank will hold a community meeting to collect additional feedback and concerns. The feedback will then be presented to the Land Bank Board, who will vote a second time on whether or not to proceed with the sale.

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