PHDC Home Rehab (15-H-291, 15-R-230 and 15-R-281) | Beltzhoover

PHDC HOME REHAB (PARCEL NO. 15-H-291, 15-R-230, and 15-R-281) | Beltzhoover

  • Address: 255 Warrington Ave (Parcel No. 15-H-291)
  • Address: 844 Gearing Ave (Parcel No. 15-R-230)
  • Address: 814 Delmont Ave (Parcel No. 15-R-281)
  • Applicant: PHDC
  • End Use: Home Rehab 80% AMI Affordable (1st round)

The Pittsburgh Land Bank’s development partner, Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation, will be purchasing these properties for affordable home rehabs available to those at or below 80% AMI. 

PLB Board approved the sale of this property at the November 2023 public meeting (Friday, November 3, 2023)

  • Do you have questions about the development project?

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After a property is approved for sale by The Pittsburgh Land Bank Board, there is a 20-day objection period. If the Land Bank receives 15 or more objections, the Land Bank will hold a community meeting to collect additional feedback and concerns. The feedback will then be presented to the Land Bank Board, who will vote a second time on whether or not to proceed with the sale.

To file an objection, express support for the project, or ask a question, please use the form below.