The Garden Café Side Yard (24-F-102) | East Allegheny


  • Address: 0 Chestnut St (Parcel No. 24-F-102)
  • Applicant: The Garden Café
  • End Use: Outdoor dining space 

The Garden Café Side has been serving the Northside for several years. However, the organization recently discovered that it’s popular outdoor dining spot has been owned by the City. Now, looking to invest in the space, the owner of the building, BBC Pittsburgh LLC, would like to purchase the property so that The Garden Café can better serve its residents and overall customer base. 

PLB Board approved the sale of this property at the January public meeting (Friday, January 12, 2024)

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After a property is approved for sale by The Pittsburgh Land Bank Board, there is a 20-day objection period. If the Land Bank receives 15 or more objections, the Land Bank will hold a community meeting to collect additional feedback and concerns. The feedback will then be presented to the Land Bank Board, who will vote a second time on whether or not to proceed with the sale.

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